As industry professionals, we’ve got a pretty good idea what your first questions are going to be (other than price) – but if we missed one, let us know and we’ll get you sorted. Here we go!

How many years experience do you have?

Every one of our performers has over ten years performing in the music industry, and they have been thoroughly vetted by our owner, who has 38 years as a radio announcer, club DJ and mobile entertainer on land and at sea with Celebrity and Princess Cruises. 

What percentage of your business is weddings?

During the summer high season, Okanagan Dance Party is devoted almost exclusively to their wedding clients, with the occasional golf tournament or company retreat to entertain. Over the winter holidays our focus is on corporate and holiday events, and winter wonderland weddings.

References or video from past events?

Visit our FaceBook page to see our most recent updates – it’s a lot quicker and easier to update FaceBook than our website!

Do you bring backup equipment with you?

Every DJ is supplied with a battery back-up speaker, so that in the event of a power outage, or in case the main equipment fails, they will still be able to keep the music going.

Can you act as the Master Of Ceremonies?

Definitely! It’s all part of the gig, or if you have an MC we can coach them along and keep them on schedule.

Do you have professional sound equipment?

We have a variety of sound systems to choose from for different-sized venues, and all performers use industry recognized brand names.

Do you provide a light show?

Of course! We’ll bring a variety of lighting effects to show off the dance floor, without taking up half the floor with cumbersome lighting racks.

How many breaks do you take?

None! Once an Okanagan Dance Party starts up, the DJ is in their booth for the rest of the night, ready to take your requests.

How is overtime billed and calculated?

We’ll throw in an extra half hour or so, but if we’re talking hours that will have to be arranged ahead of time and billed accordingly. Most venues have established shutdown times, so you’ll have to clear it with them, as well.

Can we provide you with a list of songs?

Absolutely, and we will work that into a show that uses your guests requests as well to make sure everybody on the dance floor is dancing to the music they love.

Are you the person who will be at our event?

You can certainly request a performer you’re comfortable with or have seen perform before, and we will do our best to provide that performer for your event. Your performer will contact you in advance of your date to make sure he has all the information he needs for your events.

Will you have an assistant with you?

You will be told beforehand if we are bringing an assistant, and only those people being trained as performers will be attending with the DJ assigned to your event.

Do you offer a written contract?

We do, and you can request to see a copy at any time.

Do you set up a banner or signs?

We prefer to keep our area looking clean and tidy, so we’ll get the venue to skirt our table in the same colours as your reception. No banners and no signs in your wedding photos.